Exclusive | Photos of Simpsons creator and his son Nathaniel

Matt Groening had a "golden baby" with argentine artist Agustina Picasso. “His godfather is SpongeBob's creator”. See the pics here > 


Agustina Picasso is full of joy. contacted Matt Groening's wife in Los Ang and she says she is living one of the best moments in her life. And her happiness comes in the shape of a little boy: Nathaniel Philip Picasso Groening, the son she had three months ago with The Simpsons' creator.

The argentine artist shared exclusively with the pictures of Matt with their first son Nate.

“He is Nathaniel for Nathaniel West, the writer", says Picasso, who has had a previous daughter, Camila, with Eduardo Constantini Jr.

Picasso and Groening married on april 2011. He has two previous children, Homer and Abe, from his first marriage.

“A golden baby like him leaves no one indifferent in the family. He opens worlds with his smiles. We are all very happy”, says Picasso, and then she jokes: “His godfather is SpongeBob's creator”.

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