Noticias sobre G20

19-03-2018 | 14:56

G20 Argentina 2018

Global finance researchers: Crypto assets don't pose risk—yet

A report released Sunday by the Financial Stability Board ahead of a high-profile G20 meeting of finance officials downplayed worry that bitcoin and other similar digital currencies are harming the global economy.

10-02-2018 | 23:08


La calidad de un gobierno

Los conflictos originados por una heterogeneidad irresuelta hacen difícil el buen funcionamiento de un gobierno.

01-12-2017 | 23:30


Pelea de fondo

La actitud de los gremios dependerá de cómo se resuelva el conflicto con el camionero.

22-11-2017 | 16:04


Macri-led diplomacy and the G20

President Macri can present himself on the global scenario as someone adopting an uncommon posture in Argentine diplomacy: one that avoids exaggerating or overacting – but as the country’s presidency of the G20 arrives, many challenges lie ahead.

15-11-2017 | 14:00


Argentina’s upcoming challenge: defining the G20 agenda

The government needs to carefully manage its own national agenda and balance it against the wishes of the international community. And it should look to obtain the support of the opposition as it develops the agenda for the important global summit, which takes place in Buenos Aires next year.